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SC Green provides the services of industrial waste removal, Thai and immigrant labor, and labor welfare.

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Our service

Industrial waste removal service


Waste Transporter

We provide a certified transportation services for hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste with various sizes of trucks to fit all needs.


Waste Processor

We provide certified treatment and disposal services for industrial waste, hazardous waste, and wastewater.



We provide cleaning services for factory system, such as tools and equipment, treatment plant, and large water tank machine.

Labor service


Outsource, Subcontract

We dispatch the labors to the workplaces of the contractors according to their position and qualification requirements.


Labor contract

We recruit both Thai and foreign specialized labors, such as technician, maintenance engineer, quality checking (QC) staff, and coordinator, in order to support business sectors.


Legal foreign labor import (MOU)

We implement the MOU system to legally provide services of foreign labor import for the production sector of factories. The services are available for labors from 3 countries: Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos.

Labor welfare services



We construct infirmaries, and provide professional nurses, occupational nurse, and doctors for your factory or workplace, in addition to medicines, medical supplies, and medical tools. We also provide health promotion projects, and first aid trainings such as CPR.


Pick-up service

We provide pick-up services for staff in all sectors with high quality buses and vans, plus experienced drivers.



We provide specialized training courses for general staff, service staff, supervisor, and production staff, in addition to courses such as cost reduction, marketing, and quality management.

Construction contracts



Contracts for construction operated by expertise personnel.


Planning and design

Construction and repair experts will plan and design the construction project for you.


Project consultant

Consultant services for small and big projects.


About us

Eco-friendly water supply, wastewater treatment, and industrial waste disposal.

Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) is a megaproject under the development framework of “Thailand 4.0”. Target pioneer areas consist of 3 eastern provinces of Thailand: Cha Choeng Sao, Chon Buri, and Rayong. Target industries are determined to promote fair investment, which focuses on development of infrastructure and utilities. The investment projects aim to expand further investment, develop local economic activities and accommodations, and develop human resources and technological development management, for the better future of Thailand.

This is the reason

Reasons to choose SC Green Co., Ltd.


SC Green Co,. Ltd. has been certified by various organizations, and has obtained legal permits regarding waste management, construction labor recruitment, and labor welfare.

Tools and accommodations

We provide accommodations for waste disposal and construction contracts.

Transportation system

We provide vehicles for pick-up and waste transportation. All drivers are trained with security knowledge on waste transportation.

Examples of projects

We are a trusted service provider of industrial waste disposal with top-class customers.

Commitment On Eco-Friendly Industrial Waste Disposal.

Examples of projects

Our projects

Eco-friendly disposal of industrial waste to prevent its contamination, and to conserve our nature.

How to dispose industrial waste

Dealing with industrial wastes

Properly dealing with industrial wastes (Presented by the Department of Industrial Works)

Chapter 1: What is industrial waste?

Chapter 2: Routes and methods of industrial waste disposal

Chapter 3: Legal methods to prevent environment destruction