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01. Thai Labor Contracts (Outsource, Subcontract)
02. Labor contract
03. Legal Import Of Foreign Labors (MOU)

01. Thai labor contracts (Outsource, Subcontract)

We recruit and dispatch our employees to each workplace according to the requirements of the respective employers. Operational management of the employer, salary, and welfare shall comply to the Labor Protection Law. Employees will be provided with benefits in accordance with the policy of their employer

02. Labor contract

Recruitment, subcontracts, labor contracts, and payment contracts. We are an expert of human resource recruitment, being capable of responding to all types of customer demands, such as specialized experts, technician, factory staff, warehouse staff, construction worker, and unskilled laborer. Our services ensure that the employees match your requirements, promoting maximum performance of the businesses.

03. Legal import of foreign labors (MOU)

We import foreign labors via the MOU signed between Thai and neighbor countries, including Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. These labor will undergo a number of verification processes performed by public organizations, such as Ministry of Labor, embassies, and Immigration Office in Thailand and neighbor countries, in addition to recruitment companies in Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. The MOU specifies that imported labors shall be protected and paid the minimum wage, as specified by the laws of Thailand.